About Us


We deliver trained, business ready, working actors to your organisation wherever you are, whatever your needs, from 1:1 coaching to 20+ actors for corporate events.

We’ve always been actors-and have been in business since 2003.

We are Role Up’s key personnel, Kevin and Katherine, and we studied Acting together at QMUC in the UK many moons ago. We’ve remained best of friends in the 16 years since and are delighted to be jointly leading our teams across the globe.

Both of us worked in corporate role playing environments in London and surrounds before working together as training facilitators and coaches in 2005.

We shared a vision for using talented professional actors to enhance training and development programs but were never quite able to stay in the same country, or continent, to make it happen. This changed in 2011 when Kevin launched a training company, Bodkin Training PL in Australia and Katherine established Oretown in the UK, focussing on Sales Effectiveness. Suddenly opportunity knocked and we both had companies which relied on expert training delivery and reliable, talented performers.

Today, we manage acting teams across the globe and train them in the most requested tools in organisational and personal development, including LSI, NLP, DiSC, and various sales methodologies with even more acronyms.

Katherine continues to coach and run training in Europe, while Kevin works across AsiaPac.

With Role Up Actors, you will be working with an intelligent, qualified, competent team who take pride in their work and want to deliver. We only engage actors who value our clients’ needs above their own and who know how make the most out of their time with you.

We want you to feel safe, emboldened, and heard at every stage of working with us.

Get in touch and discover why we’re so proud of our team and what sets our actors apart.