Roleplay for Training & Assessment

We can put your best through their paces, consistently, fairly, and uniformly.

Whether you need to assess competence in medical, legal, leadership, or coaching and feedback scenarios, we know how to challenge and support your participants.

Roleplay requires a very specific set of skills and should not be left in the hands of your internal staff (unless they happen to also be professionally trained actors).

Our team has worked extensively with various industries and can simulate real client or customer meetings with nuance, accuracy, and authenticity. We understand how to progress conversations when they are running out of steam, when to press participants out of their comfort zone and towards their best performance, how to respond truthfully and productively in the moment, and finally how to deliver actionable, appropriate, and insightful feedback if necessary. What’s more, we can do it time and time again for consistency, truth, and equity in assessments.

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